10 Best Android Screen Recording Apps Free Download

Do you want to start a YouTube channel and screencast your mobile tutorials? Instead of using the external camera for recording the mobile and shooting, Now you can easily record the screen of your any android device directly.

For that reason, We have listed the 10 Best Android Screen Recording for your android mobile for the screencast. These apps have advanced features like HD recording[1080p], Auto screen adjust, Even you can record gameplay at high frame rates.

1. Mobizen Screen Recorder - Record, Capture, Edit.

This is the most amazing and deserved screen recorder in play store because it is the most easy-to-use, Convenient screen recorder that allows you to record, Save, Edit and even option for publishing on social media option.

This is the all in one as you can record all type of screencast like high-end games which needs high framerates for the high quality like [1080P Resolution, 12 Mbps quality on 60FPS] and this app can afford that option for you to do the work very smoothly on your android mobile.

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2. DU Recorder - Screen Recorder, Video Editor, Live.

DU Recorder is a top rated and free android app in play store for screen recording category. As it is free stable, the High-Quality screen with 1080P resolutions for Android that helps to record smooth and clear videos.

To use this app there is no need to root your phone because this works even on non-rooted mobiles easily.

DU Recorder provides an easy way to record screen videos, like game videos, video calls, live shows, and much more with a simple design to use it.

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3. A-Z Screen Recorder - No Root

As the name says No Root for using this app is the best and amazing features of this app. It captures videos in HD 1080P resolution easily. This app has unlimited access, no time limit, no watermark, ad-free and amazingly free to use. 

This app is having a very simple design to use and no complicated options while working with this app. Here you can pause the recording anytime and even resume whenever you want. 

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4. Screen Recorder - Free No Ads

As the name suggests of Free No Ads, As it means there are no ads on this screen recorder for the lifetime and no need to purchase the app for unlimited recording. 

You can even do live face cam with screencasting on all the social media platforms smoothly.

In XIAOMI devices this app can ask you a permission for screen overlay to start this recording and you can give the permission in the app info option.

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5. Screen Recorder With Audio And Editor & Screenshot.

This screen recorder works amazingly when it comes to low ram and storage in your mobile. It can work in any condition even if your mobile doesn't have a good amount of ram and storage. 

This app has a capacity to compress the videos and save the video in small space with high-quality resolutions.

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6. Game Screen Recorder.

The name suggests as a game recorder but even you can use as a normal screen recorder. let us focus on game's and when it comes to the recording of games recorder should have a great amount of bit rate and HD resolutions for doing a smooth recording.

This has an ability to record an amazing gameplay with high frame rate but this app needs a hell lot of space to do it. But its ok if you are using high-end mobile to do this so.

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7. REC Screen Recorder HD

This Screen recorder is a free and pro version to use. This app has a high-quality performance and good amount of options to use. You can modify the Audio, Resolution, Bitrate, Frames per Second, Front Camera, Delay Before starting of recording.

Also can record a good amount of game plays easily without any problem and lagging but this app also takes a lot of spacer for that.

Records in 1080P resolutions without lagging in high-end devices only sometimes it crashes if the mobile doesn't have space to save files.

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8. ADV Screen Recorder

ADV Screen Recorder has many options like Default and Advance options. The default is the app settings for recording and if you don't want to do it default you can use Advance options to adjust however you want.

This app will give you an amazing option called a "Draw" on the screen where you can draw anything while recording the screen and explain whatever you want. 

As this app is best for teachers who do their live sessions on Facebook or any social media platforms for tutorials.

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9. Screen Recorder From Vn Solutions.

This app is just to record simple video not any gameplay and it even does not support to record a game. App has a face cam option available to do so and it's in HD quality and works smoothly.

This app drawback is it only works on android version Lollipop and above. But it works fine but does not have many functions to do so.

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10. Screen Recorder From App Smartz.

This app also does the great gob even if it is not so great, we have added this because it has a good and simple design to use for beginners who have just started to record their android screen.

It has only two simple options for capturing the screen and recording the screen.

There Are no advanced settings to change any options as you wish.

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Here we have listed the 10 Best Android Screen Recording Apps Free Download. You can download any of the apps from given link. Now download any app and start uploading to the best platform available like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. 

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