Top 10 Educational Android Apps for Students They Must Have

Hey, Are you a student? If yes then don't skip reading this article.

Today we will discuss some amazing called "Top 7 Educational Android Apps for Students" which can help students to gain an amazing knowledge from your android mobile using a bunch of android apps.

Here we have listed 7 android apps which are available in play store for free of cost without paying a penny. There are a lot of apps in the market but we have researched some points of apps and collaborated 7 android apps which are very helpful while academics or self-learning apps also.  

We have chosen the Android platform because in the research we have found that most of the people or students use the Android handsets. 

So let's begin,

1. All Formulas [Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry]

As you would have got the clue that what is this app about, This app will help you to learn Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry formulas which are offline. This app is very simple with just 3 options which can help you to learn all the formulas very fast. This app doesn't need any internet to work, As it will work in offline.

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2. Speak English in 30 Days - English Speaking App

This app can be your ou best of all in your android app because of its quantity of knowledge of with the amazing quality. Really this app can teach you the English if you are regular with this app for 30 days as this app has a timetable for you to learn. Using this app for one time is worth of price.

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3. Learn To Code (HTML)

If you are a computer-obsessed person and curious about coding then this app is amazing to start with HTML which is very basic in the coding journey rather than a confusion of what to learn or where to start. The app is for both people like basic to advanced users. This app can make you very strong in basic and take you easily to make you advance.

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4. Khan Academy 

This app can change your life totally and you cant believe if I say this app can teach you more than your college or university subjects. This is an online academy where you can learn anything for free. This app is not offline it needs the internet connection, with this app you can learn from grade 5 to till your university syllabus in one app itself. The app will help you with all the subjects like maths, science, English, computer basic, coding, etc. 

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5. Math Tricks

Are you very interested in mathematics then this app is for you with fun to trick your mind. The app can teach all the tricks possible in mathematics to solve problems easily. It can make your mathematics very easy for you. It can provide amazing trick like solving a problem in 2 Minutes by their tricks, where you do it normally do it then it can take about 10 minutes to solve. The app will make your mind fast to think in the subject as its a personal experience.

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6. Programming Hub, Learn to code[All in One]

You can call this app as boss of all apps which teach you coding. This app is fully stuffed of coding with detail solutions for your each and every question. Even if you don't have a computer to execute the program no worry for that because this app has a compiler in the app itself. It covers from basic HTML to Python, Ruby, C#, Android Development, etc. This app is totally free of cost to use and execute the program which you learn from this app. 

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7. App Development Guide Android

If you are reading this in between of 2017 - 2050 then this also can change your life. This app can teach you the android development in short time thereafter you can build your own app. If you are a student then you can learn from this app and make apps for people at your early age and do freelancing. Here to learn or use this app you need to have a basic of HTML, CSS and C programming to learn fast. For to learn these languages you can use "Programming Hub, Learn to code[All in One]" which is in 6th position in this article. This app is only focused on Android Development. 

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8. Periodic Table 2018

This app is a very important app for school or college students, As this app can help you to learn Periodic Table which is updated time to time. The big reason to use this app is that it always be updated with the new data which is globally updated. This covers all the details of all the chemical compounds and elements in the world. This is like a library or a hub of chemical and elements. 

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9. Curiosity

This app is full of technology which will be in short articles like Tech Facts, New Inventions, Inspirational ideas, etc. This is all-around tech encyclopedia which will make you curious about the new era. These amazing articles and videos will be available in all single app. Here you can choose your categories which you like to read and learn from them. This information will be created by the profession creators which are associated with the Curiosity app. So here pieces of information are accurate with the details. Even you can learn from 1 Million videos from this app, This app is free of cost for all users and there is no need for a premium account to access all the information.

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10. Learn IT & Cyber Security Free

This app is full of Cyber Security information. This app is for people who want to make a career in Cyber Security as an expert. This is not for advanced level people but who want to start they can start from here easily for free of cost. This will give you an idea how the internet works and its security information all over the world. There is no need to learn any extra coding to use this app because they teach you from basic to intermediate.  

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We have listed the most helpful and must have android apps for students who are willing to learn things of technology. Now you can start anywhere you want by choosing any android app you love to learn from and which is suitable for you to learn. 

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