5 Best Backgrounds Wallpaper Apps For Android[Free Download]

5 Best Backgrounds Wallpaper Apps For Android[Free Download]

Wallpapers are one of the easiest ways to quickly give you a poll a depressingly look each time you see your phone and today in this video we will show you some of the best wallpapers apps you can download for your smartphone.

As on a research, we have got that on average we check our phone over 100 times a day the first thing you will see on a phone is the wallpaper. Wallpaper can really influence your mood and it is also a great way to express your unique personality and every now and then I get a request about which wallpaper I have on my phone so today I'm going to share some of my favorite wallpaper app which you can download for free of cost.

Let's explore...

1. Walli - Wallpapers HD

I'm a big fan of Wally and it's always my first reference when it comes to getting a new minimalist wallpaper Wally is not a usual wallpaper app but instead you have cool wallpapers from the artists around the globe in the app you have three main section featured which shows your featured wallpaper popular where you have the most downloaded wallpaper by the users recent where you have the recent wallpaper by the artist and there's also a category section where you can see list of wallpapers in the category like animals space codes and so on overall this app offers unique beautiful wallpapers which looks amazing on your phone's homescreen.

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2. 3D Wallpaper Parallax 2017

 A beautiful app which gives the complete 3D experience to your home and log screen there are two hundred-plus wallpaper and new wallpapers getting added every week. You can download the available wallpapers Oracle create your own by choosing photos from your gallery or from the collection available. The app also has 3D wallpaper of superheroes such as flash arrow spider-man and so on you can also see the preview of the parallax effect before downloading any wallpaper you have the description of each wallpaper and also the number of player it has more layer you have on the wallpaper the better parallax effect you will see the app actually uses gyroscope and accelerator sensor for the parallax effect that gives real feel to each layer of the background and there is no significant impact on the battery life.

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3. Ace Walls

If you like minimalist wallpapers and age falls is the app for you it has lots of awesome wallpaper which makes your home screen stand out. There are approximately 150 wallpapers to choose from and each wallpaper in my opinion it is very good you just have one section where you have all the wallpaper listed tap the wallpaper you like and apply it with just two simple steps without leaving the app overall the app has simple and clean user interface.

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4. Darkops: AMOLED Wallpapers

Darkops: AMOLED Wallpapers as the name suggests this is the app for the phone with the AMOLED display all the wallpapers in this app have more than 50% black area which will have less battery consumption as the AMOLED display does not eliminate pixels on black colour. Now about the app you have more than 10 categories to choose from and each has amazing wallpapers with resolution as high as 4k is also a shuffle feature which will shuffle the wallpapers and shows you the new wallpaper each time you use this option apart from that you have the recent section which shows you the latest wallpaper and then you can save it anywhere paper and add it to your collection.

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5. Best Wallpapers QHD

Best Wallpapers QHD is very easy to use wallpaper app and has a good collection of wallpapers so when you open the app you have different sections popular new categories and favorite you have high-quality wallpapers which are easy to apply and you can search the wallpaper by category and color of your choice. There is also a random section which shows you random wallpaper every time you refresh the page overall a nice app to find high-quality wallpapers.

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So these were the "5 Best Backgrounds Wallpaper Apps For Android[Free Download]" for your Android phone let us know if you liked any of them or your favorite wallpaper in the comment section below and if you like this video then share with your friends on social media,

Thank You.

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