5 Best Free Photo Editing Android Apps Of 2018

5 Best Free Photo Editing Android Apps Of 2018

Nowadays the smartphone cameras have gone to the highly advanced where even smartphone camera giving the best competition for DSLR, That's what a 21st century called as.

If the smartphone is giving so advance opportunity to photographers to edit their photos in android itself even if it is of high quality. 

Let us discuss some "10 Best Free Photo Editing Android Apps Of 2018" which are of high quality and can handle the photos easily which are of high quality.

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Let's begin...

1. PhotoDirector Photo Editor App

This is the app which can give you the best editing experience of all qualities like HSL sliders and RGB color channels in your photo to easily colorize your shots or correct tough white balance problems easily. You can easily control the brightness, Darkness, Exposure and Contrast sliders, many effects which can make you photo amazingly great. You can share the edited photos to your social media accounts directly from the app easily by a single click. This app will not add any watermark to your photos also. 

2. PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor

PicsArt is the most famous app in the android market. It is quite famous for having 450 million downloads because of its quality, processing, smooth, etc. This app can provide with the screen overlays, effects, flairs, animation, frames, backgrounds, borders, callouts and all the tools to manipulate your photo. Has a 100+ huge template for photo collages you can make with. 

3. SnapSeed

Snapseed can provide you with 29 tools like healing, HDR, Structure, etc. Provided with the amazing quality app which has a beautiful design with easy to choose options for editing, With a stunning editing to look at your images by creating the effect of multiple exposure and brightness. App has multiple templates for collages of your photos which are amazing to use. 

4. Photo Editor Pro

This app can edit your photos amazingly using flairs, effects, screen overlays, etc. A very comprehensive photo editor and pretty much everything you could ever want to do on your phone using the quality which this app will provide you. If you love stickers then this app is amazing for you to use and share with your friends. Here are some of the qualities which this app is carrying is One-tap auto enhance, Photo filters, Gorgeous photo effects, and frames, Fun stickers, Color balance, Crop, rotate, and straighten your photo brightness, contrast, color temperature, and saturation Sharpen and blur, Color temperature, Color Splash, Focus, Draw and add text, Create your own memes.

5. Photo Lab Picture Editor: Face Effects, Art Frames

This must be on the list because of its amazing face effects, art frames which come pre-installed on the app to use. This app is very simple with all the qualities which can run on each and every mobile if there is less ram on the smartphone which we can call as an optimised app. The app can make your face to make it funny and creative using the face effects, Now they have updated with the art frames for your photos to add and make it look good.


We have listed the most famous and highly used photo editing android apps which can make your DSLR or Smartphone photos into a charming image to share with people. These apps are personally used before listing here in our article and trying on different mobile to check the process of the apps. These top "5 Best Free Photo Editing Android Apps Of 2018" has been the convincing in all options available. 

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