Facebook: Earn Money With Facebook $300 - $900 Daily

How To Earn Money From Facebook?

Hey, Do you know Facebook is covering 2 Billion people all over the world. Nowadays Facebook has become part of our life and it has been addictive to all the people around the world.

So let's use this opportunity to make some on Facebook.

People ask me can we earn money from Facebook and is that a practical idea?

Yes, you can earn a huge money and even in millions of dollars easily in some years.

There are lots of people who are already earning from this social media in lacks of dollars.

But How They Earn?

For this question, I have some amazing ideas and solutions where you can make money easily. So, Let us understand step by step and here we go,

1. Affilate Marketing

This is the biggest reason where you can earn a lot of money. Affilate marketing is the basic technique to make money, its very simple.

You have to become a partner with some big brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Gear Best or any other brands which you shop regularly and you love the service of those companies.

It is very easy to connect with the company buy their website where they run these Affilate programs on the different website where you will get all the details to join their affilate program.

After joining the affilate program you will get the option to market their product using an affilate link in which an id will be attached to the URL to track your reports.

Whenever you will make the sale of any product of any company which you have joined the affilate program they will pay you some percent of commission from that sale.

Now you have to make a sale, For that you need a community or people to buy those products.

Use Facebook to make their sales and earn the commission.

To market a product you need to write about that product so write a short description or a testimonial then add the affilate link to the post and publish it on the facebook. 

Now the published post will reach to all the people who are your friends on facebook.

You can join groups or contact a page owner which has a huge follower base.

If you join a group of  2,00,000 people that's enough to do the huge sale. 

You can contact the group owner and pay some money to pin your post on the top of that group so that each and every person can see that post when they enter the group. If you pin your post then it will be on the top till you wish.

If you have a page then post your all affilate link then share that page with all the groups where you can get the likes for your page easily.

let's assume if you make a 100 sales daily from one product and if that product or item cost of 50$.

Then even if you get only 3$ of commission from 1 sale you can earn 300$ per day and $9000 per month. This is just an estimation of commission and it depends on the product you sell. 

So this is how you can make money from Affilate Marketing by selling products using Facebook.

2. Creat Huge Community Using Group And Pages.

You can earn money by creating huge groups on Facebook.

As we have mentioned that Facebook has 2 Billion people community.

Here on Facebook, There are many people who come from many professions like Photographers, Dancers, Business People, Artist, Software engineers and etc.

So you have to create a Sub Community from Facebook Groups and you have to bring one profession to a single group and create the community where only one professional or who like a particular industry people will be there.

You are the owner of this group and now you have the right to do whatever you want to do in this group.

Let's see how can you generate the money...

Posting Sponsorship ads on Facebook For Money.

You can get the sponsorship to post an advertisment on your group and get the price for that. If you have 50,000 people in one group then you can earn $30 per post in this group easily[ Only From Sponsors Not From Group Members.

So you have to get the sponsors from the same niche which your group is having. If your group is in Health and Fitness then you can get sponsorship from any company which has a product related to health.

Let's calculate some money If you get one sponsor per day which is $30 and it will be $900 per month. That's amazing right!!!

Now it depends on the group size and active users you have in the group, If it is more users in your group then more money.

I don't want to make this separate topic so I will tell you that even this works for pages you have.

If you have huge followers and likes then also you get sponsorships form advertisers.

This was earning from groups by using Facebook community by making Sub-Community.

3. By Helping Others On Facebook.

Here you can help others and get paid for that. let's discuss that here.

On Facebook there are 2 billion people as we mentioned and there are many people who come for to find their solutions to their problems.

if you are skilled at any subjective like SEO, Marketing Products, or you are a teacher. 

If you can find their solution to the question then you can get paid by them.

So find a group or a page where people are asking their doubt and try to solve them and help them to come out of that problem then you can get paid for them.

If you solve a problem people can pay for like $5 to $10 easily. But the solution should crystal clear and they should agree to that.

No need to make a group you can join any other groups and make money.

lets calcualte some money. If you can solve 10 people solution then if one person pay you $3 minnium then you can earn $30 perday and $300 per month.

You can get payment from Paypal, Paytm, Net Banking and etc.


Here we have listed 3 ways to earn a good amount of money from facebook without investment. if you like this article then do share on your social media to help others [ Sharing Is Caring ]. Facebook is the amazing tool if you use it in the right way to make money here. Now you choose how you want to make money daily from facebook. My personal is Affilate Marketing as a huge market.

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