How To Use Social Media Marketing To Sell Your Product Very Fast

Hey, are you an Entrepreneur and want to make a money in less time with getting a great audience or customer for your product in 2018?

Yes, Don't worry I am here to tell you how it's done.

First of all, let's know what is social media in a marketing point of view in marketing your products.

Before that what type of social media we are going to use, Nothing But 

  1. Facebook 
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. Reddit
Ok, I hope you have got it, There are many social media platforms rather than these, but let me tell you first focus on the large and biggest social media platforms which can help you to grow very fast and easy.

And these Social Media marketing platforms have a huge amount of opportunity for you to make money and they don't even cost you for anything if you personally share them. Even they have Advertising option for paid users where Social Media Platforms will help you to market your product easily. 

Now I will tell you how many users are there on these Social Media platform,
  1. Facebook:  Facebook has 2.07 billion monthly active users
  2. Twitter 330 million monthly active users. 
  3. Instagram 800 million monthly active users, up from 600 million in December 
  4. Reddit:  Reddit had 542 million monthly visitors
From now I will be focusing on your product and how to market it in the social media.

What type of a product you have, It could be Physical or Digital E-book or a Service of any type which you are good at [ Ex. Freelancing ].

Believe me, you can market anything you want everything is possible. If you have own brand then it's damn good.

I will go step by step process how you can make it happen very fast. 

And As in this steps, I will again focus on Facebook To understand it better. you can create your account where ever you want because these work similar to each other but
not exactly.

1. Sign Up For All The Social Media Platform Now.

Every Single Social Media Platform has join option to connect with them. I know this could be very basic but I want all to cover a topic in one article itself.While Sign Up add you exact and legal details of your brand. 

Don't add any fake name or and fake id to create it because you can fail very dangerously in future if you do that.

keep all the details and proofs with only one admin to analyze the analytics easily after reaching some time [ multiple admins can make confusions in analysis while discussing with employs as it's my personal experience. ]

2. Now Make A Page Of Your Brand Or a Product You Want.

Here you have to make a page of your brand name or a Product name if you have multiple varieties of products.

After making a page publish it in public so that it will be available to all the people.

When you make a page use an infographic image for Profile Photo or Cover photo to your page where people can understand about your page or your brand type.

Add all the website link to your page [ As much as possible you can ]. Now if you want to add contact add it as it will make it more realistic for people to believe.

After this add all your products on a page and publish them individually so that you can promote them easily.

3. Collect Audience Immediately As Much As Possible You Can [Free promotion]

Now you have many ways where you can make the huge audience, Simple step is to make is make a friend list fast and get a permission to post on there timeline so that you can get there friends.

For example, Facebook will allow making 5000 friends in one account then now you make 5000 friends by using that account.

Now post your page or product link on there Timeline so this can create an amazing audience using their friend list, For that let us make calculations.

You have 5000 Friends and 5000 friends having 100 friends each.
So if you even post your page to 1000 friends timeline then if it reaches to 100 friends from the timeline then you can reach up to 1,00,000 People easily  [ For Me It Had Took 1 Week To Do It].

So this is the starting and basic of Social Media Marketing. But remember this is your random audience and now it is time to use the right audience to promote using Advertisements on Social Media platform to capture a right and exact audience.

4. Create Ads Campaign For Your Page Or A Single Product [ paid Service ].

Now its time to be very much serious because you are going to invest here and don't worry I have amazing tricks to get the perfect audience for your product to market. So I will be concentrating on facebook here.

What should be my budget and what is minimum [ For All Social Media Platform?

You can start with even $10 or 650 Indian Rupees. But how much can I reach?.

You can reach up to 800 To 1000 people easily. Not for clicks but only for impressions, because there is no charge for clicks in social media but you will get the analytics of clicks.

You can ask me that I was telling about the exact audience and where is that?

The exact audience is all about settings of Social Media Platform and let me tell you in detail. As Facebook or other Social Media Platform knows about the interest of people and it has a full detail database track of users and Social Media Platform know what people are searching for what they what.

 When You raise a campaign or advertisement of your product facebook or other Social Media Platform can make your product to the exact audience who are related to your product or Audience searching for, You know why because as I told you that Facebook or other Social Media Platform knows about all the user interested in your product or brand.

5. Give Your Review Product to Influencers So That Even They Can Promote Your Brand [ These People Already Have a Huge Audience Base No Need To Concentrate on Audience base here. ]

As we have discussed on free and paid services of Social media Marketing lets move with both free and paid, Ok let me explain it in detail.

There are 2 types are people in this Social Media Influencing.

1st type is paid one, Who want your product for free and even some money to promote your Brand or Product. 

Yes, these are the best influence to choose because these people have an amazing confidence [ On Personal Experience ].

These people will promote your product on their page and even in groups, This is better because people will buy now because of Influencer promotion not because they really need your product, But don't make a mistake of giving your product in a wrong influencer. Give to the influencer who are related to your Product or brand. 

Don't depend on 2nd one because there is another influencer who can do great for you for free.

If you have a Great product then promote it free to a growing influencer where he is going to promote to new people and secrete behind is that, As he is growing he needs sponsors to engage with the audience so he will promote your product as you want and whatever you say like an only positive review.  

Final Conclusion 

So I hope you have got a basic and intermediate knowledge of Social Media Marketing, Even I know that I have not discussed detail but let me tell you that I am really working on that post and it will be coming soon as possible so be tuned.

And this is the first post on this website so I want you all to give me positive and even negative suggestions so that I can make those mistakes correct.

if I have missed any point and if you think they are right wright it in a comment below where we will discuss those topics. 

How To Use Social Media Marketing To Sell Your Product Very Fast How To Use Social Media Marketing To Sell Your Product Very Fast Reviewed by Shreyas Banakar on December 11, 2017 Rating: 5


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