See How This Smart Helmet Can Call An Ambulance If You Crash

This Smart Helmet From Pakistan Can Call An Ambulance If You Crash

If you have a crash, you can call this smart helmet ambulance from Pakistan

When it comes to traffic laws, motorcycles in India and its surrounding countries put them on top of the chart to defy them. False Freedom on the Road often leads to the fatal way of bidding goodbye to the world.

In spite of the civil authorities, to insist the riders that there is a complete requirement for the helmets to take the helmets instead of arms to the helmets to make an accident for the accidents of these deaths, During the phone; They later come with such excuses as 'the experience of hair in the air' and 'I-know-what-good-of-me'.

However, a startup from Pakistan is intended to embed a sense of cleverness among 'courageous' motorcycle riders with an affordable smart helmet. The helli (looks like a cone), the helmet looks like any other traditional commune-focused helmet, but under its skin is very technical

For beginners, you have got all the things that are smartly embedded in your body - a speaker, a microphone, a Bluetooth receiver, a GPS tracker and even the heart to transfer calls through them. Rate monitor too

However, the helmets also come with their head camera for recording (similar to the dash caps in a car) and two pointers to let the other drivers know which side you are turning (if you want to operate the bike indicator Do not know if useful control).

The held party's piece is its SOS mode - it uses its GPS tracker so that you can disturb your family as well as an ambulance service. At this point you were wondering whether he needs any kind of internet connection or not, is incorrect - Helli makes a call through your telephone, eliminating the need for some other type of connection requirements

This is not the first time anyone has attempted a smart helmet. Scaly came in 2013 with a smart helmet that could do the same thing, but its buyer used to spend $ 1,000 (the company was eventually busted).

The maker of Helli - plans for the top version with innovation, all bells, and whistles, up to $ 99 at the maximum sticker price of approximately $ 50 (about Rs 3,000).

Looking at the security provided to this, Helli should sell well in a country like India, provided the company is planning to sell it outside Pakistan. However, the biggest challenge with Helli is its targeted audience - riders will eventually wear them instead of moving them around in their arms.
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