[Trick's] How To Get 10,000 Views On YouTube Channel Very Fast

[Trick's] How To Get 10,000 Views On YouTube Channel Very Fast

Hey, are you a beginner on YouTube and struggling for getting your 10,000 views for the monetization of your channel on youtube.

Don't worry I am here to help you with that and believe me it's going to happen.

I am not here to discuss what is YouTube because you have started your channel because you know about it, Yes Or No.

Yes, But when you started there was a rule to monetize your youtube channel by Adsense but you are not getting 10,000 views.

But let me tell you it's very easy to do it. I am not going to be a robot here explain you here which is not possible but I will share you all my tricks and detail process how did I complete my 10,000 views in 15  Days easily [It's Even possible in 7 days if you use these ways to promote your video without any mistake which I made.].

1. Make an Amazing Intro Or Trailer About your Channel.

Nowadays people don't waste time in finding the solution in your channel without knowing what is your channel about.

Make a most amazing and best of the best trailer which can elaborate on your channel and get the best impression or curious about your channel.

Now work on the channel for some time to make videos [Minimum 25 videos With Similar Thumbnails] And make sure every video should be interconnected to each other, After some of the amazing videos take all single link to your videos then add them to your trailer video's description with their Titles and tell in the video that your videos link is in the description of your video to watch now.

Ok, let me tell you how this works. Now you have the videos links in the description of your trailer where this can make your channel viral or help to get your views.

Now start sharing the trailer with all the Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and where ever its possible. But don't neglect the videos which you have to try to share them even with a trailer.

Now your trailer will find the right audience for your channel to follow your channel and even the right audience where even they can suggest to other people if they like it.

Now you will start getting views very fast with the help of your trailer.

Let's calculate it,

25 video's Link in the trailer description, So when anyone comes on your channel trailer video then you are promoting 25 Videos using one video.

So now if you get a traffic of 1000 on your trailer video then from 1000 people if only 500 people watch your two of your video which is in the description of trailer video then you will get an estimated 2000 views. I did this in one day and how I reached this video to 1000 people I will discuss in next points.

2. Write A Unique And High Search Volume Keyword Title On The Video.

My first word I should say is "Don't Copy The Titles".
Yes,  Don't copy any title as same as it is already in the other video.

Make use of YouTube search engine for research of keywords but don't copy any same title. If you copy the same title then you will not be able to rank or get views easily.

let me tell you something which will blow your mind now. Are you ready,

If Yes, now don't use keyword planner for titles, Thinking why.

Let me explain to you that Keyword Planner is a more focused version of the Google Keyword Tool and AdWords Traffic Estimator tool, and the focus is on doing one thing only: to make it easier for advertisers to get through the process of creating new ad groups and ad campaigns, which is the key to getting your PPC accounts off to a good.

This only means that it is only for advertisers not for ranking on youtube as it keyword planner only tells us the search volume of the keywords that's it.
Use keyword's to advertise your video for paid views where ads will get will help you to get views, That's it.

Please don't miss understand the concept that you should never use the keyword planner but now not needed at the beginning of your channel.

Let's come to the main point of Adding titles to your videos, Now keep in mind that your niche is the keyword for your channel and title, That could be Technology, Health, Sports, Vlogs, And DIY.

While researching the keywords for the title using only YouTube search engine, When you are searching you will get the keywords in titles of other videos.

So now go and search for a normal person as if you are a viewer then, What would you search for your video to watch if it was on youtube alerday[ Imagine Virtually].

Now let me tell you when you got your final page of search then find the maximum used word on that page where a small part of the description is displayed of the videos on YouTube.

take out some 10 Most used word on that page and copy on a notepad then save it. Do the same process for 10 different searches you on the same topic on which your video want to be.

After this all process you will get a 50 keyword of a most used which is related to your video's.

Now the magic happens is that, Take 10 words form that 50 keywords which you have on the notepad.

Use only those 10 keyword's and make 5 Titles of a video then use any of them which you think the easiest looks and unique from others.

Now take any one keyword out of 10 and use your niche word in every video of your channel while adding the titles to your videos.

That's it guys now its very simple to make any keyword and SEO optimised for your videos.
I promise you that this process will work 100% for sure as it was my experiment which I just did before a week.

3. Use Tags On Your Video Which Can Bring Your Video In Suggested List Of Others Video.

So now its time to be very careful while adding the tags.

Let me explain to you what are tags?'
According to YouTube, tagging is one of the most important ways to rank your video in YouTube search results or appear n suggested section: Tags help users find your video when they search the site. When users type keywords related to your tags your video will appear in their search results or suggested results.

According to me, it's not very important to rank your videos in the beginning but it is important to bring your videos into the suggested section of others video which is related to your channel's topic.

Now to get the other channel video' you can use TubeBuddy which is an amazing tool to get the tags from others video for tags to your video.

Now choose any 30 tags which are Maximumly used in top 10 videos which your topic is related to.

Collect all the 30 optimised tags then add them to all your videos tag section which is on your Youtube channel. Add the same tags to all your video's which are there on your youtube channel.

After that wait for some time [ Mim 2 days ], From this time your video will start coming on the suggested section from others video's where people will find your video easily.

Don'tworry it's my personal experience which I did and made my videos rank by making optimised to bring them on others video suggested videos section, From there I would get the traffic.

After this don't wait to start making video's further and use the same tags till your video gets on the ranking of your keywords which you are using to rank on youtube.

Never use new tags till your video gets viral on social media or get a million views.

4. Write A Brief Detail About Your Video In  Description Of The Videos.

Let me ask you one question, Have you ever seen any Business or a Product without the information providing to the customers?

No right, So here is a simple thing if you came on youtube to earn money then promote like a product which has a detail information of that video which is a product for you or if you came here to teach people then give the right information about that video that's what is YouTube.

Now use 50 Keywords which you are having with you which are optimised to use.

Use these 50 Keywords to make an amazing description full of information, Be careful of not using the keywords for more than one time in the description because youtube algorithm will think as a spam video and video will be there on YouTube but it will not at all rank on the first page on YouTube.
Don't copy the information from anywhere for the description of your video as it will not get ranked. So be unique as much as possible you can.

5. Final Process Is To Publish Your Video At Right Time. 

So here you should take care of publishing your video at the best time.

Let's see how, As you know that YouTube has a huge traffic but sometimes it's not true for you.

So how to get to know the best time, As I said there is an amazing tool called TubeBuddy as it will tell you the best time to publish the video on YouTube channel.

What is the profit of publishing at the right time? Always people ask me.

When you publish your video YouTube tries to Promote your video to your Subscribers or who liked your video on your channel.

So TubeBuddy helps you to get to know the details of your Subscribers Or who liked your videos in past then it provides you the details that at what time your audience will be active mostly and provides you the best time.


That's it guys for getting 10,000 views, This is going to take some days to get 10,000 views and monetize and then you can enjoy your earnings. If you like this post do help of Sharing on your social media and promote on your youtube channel if it has worked for you. All the best for your 10,000 views.

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