221 Illegal Loan Apps Removed From Google Play Store | Removal of illegal loan applications


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Chennai: There have been continuous complaints of RBI illegally creating fake loan applications without permission, giving loans through their portals and threatening customers by demanding more than the amount given.

It was also alleged that if the customer did not repay the money within the stipulated period, he would threaten them with obscene photographs and send them to their relatives. There have also been incidents of victims committing suicide. In this case, the Tamil Nadu Cyber ​​Crime Police had written a letter to Google to remove the illegal loan applications from the Play Store.

Subsequently, Google has removed 221 credit apps from Google Play Store in the last 4 months. Also, the Tamil Nadu Cybercrime Police has requested Google to remove 61 credit apps from the Play Store.

386 defamatory videos: Similarly, the Cybercrime Police have requested the YouTube company to block 386 defamatory videos related to the Tamil Nadu Governor, Chief Minister, Ministers and important personalities on Twitter and YouTube.


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