Google Introduces New Feature to Google Meet, Learn How to Use 360 ​​Degree Background


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Google Meet New Feature- India TV Hindi
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A new feature of Google Meet

Google Meet 360 degree background: Google is constantly releasing more than one update to improve its real-time video communication service, Google Meet. Now Google Meet is also going to get the 360 ​​background feature update soon. The background feature will make the user’s routine video conference more fun. Let us give you more information about the 360 ​​degree background feature.

360 degree background

Google is preparing to bring a dynamic 360 degree background feature on its Meet app soon. With this new feature, as you move your device’s camera, your background will also move. This background will move with the help of your phone’s gyroscope and orientation data. This feature is going to be available to the user in a few weeks. The user will first get a beach themed background. This will be followed by themes like Oasis, Sky City and Sky City.

Emoji in video call

In the new update of Google Meet, users are also going to get emoji support. During a video on Google Meet, you will see floating emojis on the left side of the screen. Apart from this you will also see the video tiles badge in the upper left corner. Initially only nine emojis will be visible to the user. It will also feature Heart, Thumbs Up, Party Proper, Waves Joy, Astonished, Thinking, Cry and Thumbs Down emojis.

Android users will have to wait

Google has released its Emoji Reaction feature for web, iOS devices and Meet hardware users only. Android users may also get support within a few weeks. The company announced Emoji Reaction in March last year as part of a bunch of Workspace updates.

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