Akshar Portable Bucket Washing Machine Multi Colors


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Akshar Portable Bucket Washing Machine Multi Colors

Akshar Portable Bucket Washing Machine Multi Colors


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Product Description


Portable Handy Washing MachinePortable Handy Washing Machine

SMALL, LIGHT & CONVENIENT _ This small portable washing machine has to be very different from other regular washing machines. Whatever, we need to put it into our travel bag on our trip road, So mini body, small hand-held, light and convenient are our washing machine’s main features.SUITABLE PLACES _ Usually there are no enough spaces to live when we are out. Maybe we always want to put our washing machine into a laundry basket of students’ dormitory, cabinet in our small apartment or other convenient hotels, We’re also happy to move it during our RV camping or life on board. it is really easily.

Portable Plastic Washing MachinePortable Plastic Washing Machine

Portable Washing Machine BucketPortable Washing Machine Bucket

Portable Plastic Washing MachinePortable Plastic Washing Machine

The washing machine is not allowed to run for more than 15 minutes at a time.Do not touch the clothing and water by hand while the washing machine is working.The maximum water level must not be higher than the MAX mark of the washing machine.Be sure to take out coins, buttons, hairpins and other foreign bodies from pockets before washing your clothes.Do not wash raincoats, bicycle covers, down jacket and other waterproof clothing with washers.Keep the washing machine clean, do not wash the motor part in the bottom panel with water.Do not hang the washing machine upside down, or put the washing machine in dark and humid places for a long time, also do not put wet clothes on the motor part.

Fix this portable washing machine on an ordinary bucket.Put clothes, water and laundry detergent into the bucket.Soaking clothes for 10-15 minutes.Keep the water below the MAX scale on the washer, also clothes can not more than 2/3 of the bucket.Adjust the timer from 1 min to 15 mins for washing according to your needs.Take out the clothes, final to twist them dry.

Protecting the power cord and plug, do not pull or rebuild the power cord, or touch the metal part of the power plug by hand.All the screws on fuselage are special,do not disassemble, repair or refit by yourself.Children who are under 14 years old and special groups are not allowed to use this washer.

Portable Plastic Washing MachinePortable Plastic Washing Machine

TARGET CUSTOMERS _ Doctors told us all children’s clothes need to be washed separately, people’s underwear and underpants also should be washed alone. Rags or tablecloths, even our dirty shirts, shorts and summer clothes, we have to wash them alone. So our small portable washing machine will be your best choice.EASY TO USE _ Besides, we must make sure this washer should be safe, effective and energy efficiency. Of course, you also do not worry the operation method, it is as easy as a salad spinner to operate.

Easy Loading, Quick Cleaning, Low Maintenance.
Easy to Cary Excellent Performance.
ISI Copper Coil Motor With Shockproof Body.
Access Location Front Load
Best cleaning result Easy to move


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