Blackt Electrotech 230V 24×7 Energy Saving Socket Type Digital Programmable Plastic Electronic Timer (White)


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Blackt Electrotech 230V 24x7 Energy Saving Socket Type Digital Programmable Plastic Electronic Timer (White)


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Product Description



About Blackt Electrotech

In introducing a BlackT Electrotech which is based on planning and dedication of skilled persons as concern with applications of Embedded System through modern conceptual products like Remote Switching System, Motion Sensor, Timer, etc. Our mission is to reach Blackt’s product to wide range of customers. We work for you and you’re our boss. And Technology is a Features we will show you the Benefits. We shall continue it for many blessing up coming years. We are provide technical service & Smart home automation systems after selling product/service. The quality of the range is periodically checked by team of quality inspectors. our entire range of products is packed in quality approved packaging material such as corrugated and boxes that keep it completely safe from internal and external hazard.


Energy Saving Digital Socket Timer





Energy-saving electronic timer programming.24 x 7 programmable.Repeat programs with 16 on/off settings, and setting on/off manually.Working light power indicator clearlyColor: whiteItem size: 107*65*35mmNet weight:126g


Min setting time: 1 min1000 watt / 10 amps 240 v acOperating temperature: -10 to + 40 deg c24 hours / 7 days a week programmableBuilt-in battery for backup when power failureRepeat programs with 16 on/off settings, and setting on/off manuallyBattery backup: ni-mh 1.2v 80mahCurrent cunsumption: 0.015ma

Easy To Use

Press the prog button and release.The first on setting can be made now.Press week button to set the day or blocks of days. Set the time by pressing the hour button and then min button.Press the prog button again to finish the first on setting and enter into the first off setting. By repeating 2 to make the first off setting.Press the prog button again to finish the first off setting and enter into the 2 on setting. Repeat 2 and 3 to program remaining settings.After completing setting, press the clock button and the timer is ready to operate.



Blackt electortech timer it is realtime timer programmable switch with 16 on/off. Prog’s various electrical appliances at pre-specified times. Widely used for intelligent control of lighting equipment, fish aquarium, street lamps, garden lights decorative lighting, hoarding lighting, glow sign board and outdoor lighting, neon signs, household electrical appliances etc. As per time of the day.

This energy-saving socket timer is equipped with built-in rechargeable battery. No need to replace the battery. When there is power failure, the unit will continue working 1-2 months.
The socket timer features a 10A/240V max load and comes with a 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects
Program your home appliances when to turn on/off. You can select the hour, minute, and day start time every day. It is so easy to use! Use it to control the lights in your home, the water heater and any other small appliance or item you can think of that can be left plugged in when not in use.
16 different on/off settings and manual over-ride capability. The indicator lights are programmable so that their functionality matches the status of device switch according to your schedule.
Timer will automatically turn household electrical devices on or off based on you programmed settings. The timer has 16 different on/off settings and is good for LED lights, cellphones, televisions, fish pod , small motor, stereos as well as other home devices that work. It also has a manual setting so you can set the timers manually too. With a 1 minute minimum setting time and a maximum of 24 hours this timer is great for daily routines.


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