Can I do an internet speed test on Facebook? Do you know this? | How to do internet speed test on Facebook


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You may have used the Facebook app before for various reasons, but what we are going to talk about now, can you do it on Facebook? In this post we are going to see about a new feature that you can play yourself.

Facebook app is built with many different features. Meta-owned Facebook is constantly adding new features to its apps with the aim of providing a better experience to its users. Along those lines, a super feature has now been introduced in Facebook’s new update. Let’s see how to use this feature.

Can I do an internet speed test on Facebook?  Do you know this?

The reality is that most of the features on Facebook are aimed at providing a better social media experience. For example, the app’s new interface aims to make the app’s user experience better and simpler. But the company has now started focusing on other aspects besides the social media centric aspects.

In particular, Facebook now offers its users the option to check nearby Wi-Fi networks, and also has an Internet Speed ​​Test feature that helps users check the current internet speed of their device. In this post, we’re going to walk you through what you need to do to use Facebook’s Speed ​​Test testing feature.

After the latest update of Facebook app, you can use this feature. So make sure your Facebook app is up to date. Likewise, you will also need a Facebook account. Next, continue reading below what is the process you need to follow. This feature is only available on the Android version of the Facebook app.

Can I do an internet speed test on Facebook?  Do you know this?

What to do to enable Speed ​​Test feature with Facebook?
Open the Facebook app.
First make sure your Facebook app is updated.
Then login your Facebook app.
Click the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner.
Then click on Settings & Privacy option.
From the drop-down menu, click Wi-Fi & cellular performance.
Click on the speed tab and select the Run speed test option.
Then, finally press the Continue button.

On the next page, tap the Run speed test button. That’s it, Facebook app will start measuring the internet speed on your phone. Once the speed test is complete, it will show you both the download speed and upload speed on the display. By following this method you can now know your internet speed in few minutes without the help of google and other apps.

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How to do internet speed test on Facebook

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