Data of 6 lakh HDFC Bank customers leaked on dark web? – Denial on the Bank’s part | 6 lakh HDFC Bank customers leaked in Dark heat Explanation


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Chennai: Data of HDFC Bank customers has been leaked on the dark web. It is said that the data of about 6 lakh customers is included in this. However, the bank denied this.

User data is in high demand in today’s digital world. This data usually includes name, age, address, contact number, bank account details etc. of the registered users of a particular site. With this, people who carry out fraudulent activities on the Internet will show their handwriting. Therefore, hackers lie in wait and take the data of the users on the site through the loop holes in the site. They will also sell it on dark web sites. And thereby financial gain for them. On the other hand the respective sites will also ensure continuous security in this data matter.

In this case, the data of about 6 lakh customers of HDFC Bank, India’s leading private bank, has been leaked. It is said that the name, address, contact number and important financial information of the customers has been published. It is said to have been leaked on the dark web.

HDFC Bank Description: No data of HDFC Bank customers was leaked. No violation has occurred on our site. We are confident in that. We are taking customer data security very seriously.


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