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While Rahul Gandhi was prevented from coming that day in protest against the emergency law approved by the cabinet during the Manmohan Singh regime so that the convicted MPs and MLAs would not be deprived of their posts until the time of appeal, it is reported that today that is the reason for his loss of post.

Surat court sentenced Rahul Gandhi to 2 years in jail for defaming Modi community. Rahul’s side has taken steps to appeal against this verdict.

The Lok Sabha Secretariat has stripped Rahul of the Wayanad constituency MP post using the provisions of the Representation of the People Act 1951 which states that persons convicted by the court for more than 2 years cannot continue in office. Congressmen are protesting against the Congress alleging that the central BJP government has planned and immediately stripped Rahul of his MP post.

In this situation, the information has been released that he is the reason for the immediate loss of Rahul’s post. In 2013, during the Manmohan Singh regime, they planned to issue an Ordinance to bring a major amendment to the Representation of the People Act, 1951.

Accordingly, the Ordinance stated that if MPs and MLAs convicted in court appeal within 3 months from the date of conviction, the concerned members will continue in office until the conviction is quashed or the conviction is confirmed.

The then Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, who strongly opposed this, said in a press conference that the Ordinance was ‘something that should be torn up and thrown away’. The introduction of the Ordinance was shelved due to Rahul’s opposition. Political observers point out that if it had been passed into law, the Lok Sabha Secretariat would not have taken away Rahul Gandhi’s MP post so quickly.


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