Don’t need a credit card.. Just extend your hand.. Amazon has introduced a new method!


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The digital system of cashless payment is currently being implemented. But Amazon has taken this cashless payment system to the next level. It has now introduced a new practice where customers can pay for groceries using their palms.

Amazon on Thursday introduced a new payment system called Amazon One, a palm recognition service, that one can use for payment, identification, loyalty membership and entry at more than 500 Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh locations nationwide, the company said.

wave hands

Customers with an Amazon One subscription can make payments by waving their palm in front of an Amazon One device. No more need to use a credit card or mobile phone to make payments. Plus, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can get savings or benefits on your purchases by linking your membership to Amazon One.

The technology is already being used in over 200 locations in 20 US states, including Arizona, California, Idago, Oregon and Mississippi. However, you don’t have to shop at Whole Foods to take advantage of Amazon’s new technology. Amazon One is still used by many businesses as a payment identification and secure login device.

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Amazon Payment Machine

In the early stages, Panera Bread was the first to use this technology. Panera Foods customers simply wave their hands over the device to pay for their meals. Additionally, customers who wish to purchase alcoholic beverages at Gowers Beale Stadium in Colorado will have to wave their hands over an Amazon One device. They must demonstrate that they are 21 years of age or older by waving so.

Is this payment method secure? This palm operated cashless payment method is very secure. No cheating can be done in this. Because this technology scans one’s palm and the unique nervous system in it. A specific numerical representation of each neural system is stored in the device. Unlike a credit card or password, no customer can cheat using this payment method provided by Amazon One.

And customer information is protected in the AWS cloud by over 300 cloud security tools and over 100,000 security partners worldwide. Not only that, Amazon has also assured that it will not share this palm data with any other third party for any reason.

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