“I feel sorry for the younger generation” – AR Rahman on AI | AR Rahman Tweet about AI


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Chennai: In November last year, US-based Open AI Company introduced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology software called ‘Chat GBD’. Chat GPD is doing language-related functions very fast like answering questions immediately, compiling information related to a topic if you input it. Experts say that AI will bring a huge change in various fields. However, experts also warn that if it is not handled properly, it will become a threat to humanity.

A school in China is using an artificial intelligence tool to manipulate students’ attention spans. That is, if this device is attached to the head of the students, this device will find out who is paying attention to the lesson conducted by the teacher in the class and who is thinking differently. And will send information about it to teachers and parents of students.

A related video went viral on social media last week. Music composer AR Rahman shared this video on his Twitter page and said, ‘I feel sorry for the young generation. Are they blessed and cursed at the same time? “Time will tell,” he said. Music composer Thaman re-tweeted Rahman’s post and said ‘Totally true sir’.


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