India-made satellite location-finding ‘Star sensor’ test successful | India made satellite location finding Star sensor test successful


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New Delhi: Star sensor test to detect satellite position has been successful. Scientists at the Indian Institute of Aerophysics (IIA) have developed a low-cost star sensor. Named ‘Star Peri Sense’, it was sent experimentally on the PSLV C-55 rocket which was launched by ISRO on the 22nd of last month. It tells us exactly where the satellite is in space. By identifying the stars in the sky, this star sensor calculates its location.

This star sensor is capable of withstanding the harshest environment in space and performs as expected. With this the location of the satellites can be calculated accurately. For the first time this instrument has been tested in space. The device is based on the ‘Raspberry Pi’ minicomputer. The electronics and software involved are indigenously designed, said IIA Ph.D. Student Bharat Chandra said. The highlight of this star sensor instrument is that it is manufactured at a low cost. It is also easy to prepare. Bharat Chandra says that it can be mounted on all types of satellites.

The main task of the Star Berry Sense instrument is to capture the field of view, identify the stars, and calculate the location. Subhangi Jain, who is part of this group, said that the initial research data is as expected.


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