iPhone Get Paytm UPI Lite How To Use | Dear Paytm users.. New feature added by Silent-A.. One way or the other has come to iPhone!


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“Only they get it.. but we don’t get it..?” Paytm, the UPI Payment company, has introduced a silent new feature on its platform so that no customer should think that.

What we are talking about here is UPI Lite Support which is already accessible in Paytm apps on Android Smartphones. Now this support is also added to devices running on iOS.

Dear Paytm users.. New feature added by Silent-A!

If you probably have an Android phone and are using the Paytm app on it and don’t know anything about UPI Lite support… don’t worry. What is UPI Lite? How to use it? Here are the details of how it benefits us:

What is UPI Lite? In a nutshell, UPI Lite is a feature that allows you to make fast transactions without entering the UPI PIN Number in situations where you need to make a payment up to Rs.200 through the Paytm app.

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How to use UPI Lite in Paytm App? Open the Paytm app on your Android / iPhone. Then click on the UPI Lite icon on the home screen. Now enter your bank account details; Please ensure that the details entered are correct.

Now add money to your UPI wallet. Then when you need to make a payment within Rs.200, select the UPI Lite option and enter the recipient’s UPI ID or scan the QR code. Then enter the amount you want to pay and click on Pay option. That’s it!

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Some things to keep in mind while using Paytm UPI Lite: As mentioned earlier, Paytm UPI Lite support can only send an amount of less than Rs.200 at a time. And you can only add a maximum of Rs.2,000 to your UPI Lite wallet.

And maximum 20 transactions per day can be done using UPI Lite. The last and most important thing is that you will get access to this UPI Lite feature only if you have accounts with banks that support this feature.

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Paytm UPI Lite Support Now Available in iPhone How to Add Money and Pay Without Typing PIN

Story first published: Friday, May 12, 2023, 13:27 [IST]


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