Kohli vs Gambhir game-changing tech expert: Who won? | Kohli vs Gambhir spat turns into game by a tech expert using code Who won


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Chennai: Bengaluru beat Lucknow by 18 runs in the 43rd league match of the current IPL season. After this match, there was a heated argument between Kohli, the Bengaluru player, and Gambhir, the Lucknow team’s advisor. It just went live. A tech enthusiast has designed a game based on it with software support.

The tech enthusiast said in the video, ‘I have designed a game where both of them can fight each other systematically.’ In it both Kohli and Gambhir are wearing their IPL team jerseys. It asks the user to select their team. Codeine’s creator picks Kohli’s team. After that the players of both the teams collide on the field with their caps in their hands.

After watching this video, netizens commented that ‘cricket should be played like this’, ‘amazing creativity’ and ‘it’s so crazy’. At the same time, some people have presented an alternative view on this. In this video with a run time of 1.10 minutes, the Lucknow team is announced as the winner.


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