Scam calls on WhatsApp: Don’t take calls starting with ‘+84, +62, +60’ | Scam calls on WhatsApp Dont take calls starting with code number 84 62 60


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Chennai: Fraudsters have once again targeted the WhatsApp messenger platform. Users have complained on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook that they are receiving calls and messages from ‘+84, +62, +60, +234’ and many other country codes. Let’s see how users can protect themselves from this.

The WhatsApp platform has been used for similar scams in the past. Because it is easy to contact users through this site. Fraudsters will show their hand through it. In this situation, the users of the WhatsApp platform, which has about 2 billion active users every month, are again receiving fraudulent calls.

As of now, these calls seem to be coming from countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, Nigeria, Kenya and Ethiopia. Not sure why this is happening. Some people also receive employment-related messages. So it is important for users to know the authenticity.


How to escape from this?

WhatsApp users can ignore calls from unknown numbers. Also avoid opening any links in messages from unknown numbers. Because if you reply or open links, not only user information but also money can be stolen online.

Users can block unknown or suspicious numbers and report them to WhatsApp, the WhatsApp Messenger site said.


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