Star Weaves Waterproof Washing Machine Cover Compatible for LG FH2G6TDNL42 8 kg Front Load – KUM10


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Star Weaves Waterproof Washing Machine Cover Compatible for LG FH2G6TDNL42 8 kg Front Load - KUM10

Star Weaves Waterproof Washing Machine Cover Compatible for LG FH2G6TDNL42

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Product Description

Star WeavesStar Weaves

Star Weaves Products are trust-able and of professional quality. We offer multiple Home Furnishings products to suit the lifestyles of millions of people. Comfort and convenience lie at the core of our vast curated line of products. Almost care is taken to maintain quality standards across all stages of production. Hence, the products offered are trendy, durable, and well-made.

Star Weaves Washing Machine Covers brings all the new range of washing machine covers to keep one of the important home appliances safe and new for years to come. Star Weaves washing machine covers are 100 % waterproof which will help in preventing waterlogging in machine parts and protect against water spills, therefore the essence of the machine will be intact. Star Weaves washing machine covers are dustproof which will prevent the machine parts from unnecessary dust particles and after applying this cover you can keep your washing machine on the balcony of your house without being worried about dust because dust particles can destroy the control panel of the machine.

Washing Machine CoverWashing Machine Cover

Why We Need Star Weaves Washing Machine Cover?

Here we are summarizing some scenarios at which buying washing machine covers are worthy.

Installing washing machine in a kitchen: In the kitchen, during cooking, all the oily stream get stick to the washing machine and makes its surface oily and in the worst case, these streams infuse inside the washing machine damages the expensive parts like motor or dashboard circuit.Installing washing machine on the balcony: If you keep your washing machine on a balcony or any other area. Normally dust is high in that area wherever you keep your device. When you use these covers then no need to worry about dust issues.Installing a washing machine in the bathroom. In the Bathroom, there is more chance of water stain on washing machine & moisture can damage the motor & board circuit.Installing washing machines where heavy sunlight passes: Heavy sunlight makes washing machines lose their attractive colors as well as making their body weaker. The worst thing is sunlight might damage the dashboard circuit which is just like a brain for the washing machine.

Star Weaves is here to provide solutions for such issues. We present you with the Waterproof Washing Machine Cover which protects your washing machine from water stain, oily stream, sunlight, dust & other particles. It comes in different designs & prints which also enhance the beauty of your kitchen, bathroom, balcony & another area.

Benefits Star Weaves Washing Machine Cover

100% Waterproof material protect your washing machine from all kind of liquid & moisture.Make your expensive washing machine durable & Prevent from lose their vibrating colors.Convenient zipper easy loading/ unloading of clothes.Back Panel has holes for wires, inlet, and outlet pipes.

Washing Machine CoverWashing Machine Cover

Key Features of Star Weaves Washing Machine Covers

Beautiful Prints Beautiful Prints

Water proof Water proof

Zipper Zipper

Easy to clean Easy to clean

Widest Range of Attractive Prints

Elegant colors to beautify your interiors. Laundry can be quite boring! So, the dashing prints will add an urbane charm to an otherwise drab and mundane chore while also making your washing machine look cool.

Waterproof and Dustproof

This washing machine cover by Star Weaves is crafted with waterproof material to keep the unwanted moisture away from your appliance. With this cover, you can also keep dust away as it is designed specifically to be dust repelling.

High Quality Zipper

You do not have to go to great lengths to adorn your washing machine with this cover. As it comes with a zipper closure, it will be easy for you to use it as per your convenience.

East Cleaning

Now, you do not have to worry about keeping your washing machine cover tidy and neat. This one is easy to wash, and hence you can easily get rid of unwanted stains left behind from your previous laundry session.

Washing Machine CoverWashing Machine Cover

A waterproof washing machine cover will create a shield over your machine. Water, moisture and dust will not be able to enter the motors of your machine, and hence, will prevent it from damage. Holes provided for inlet Pipe, Outlet pipe and Power Cord. Water Proof and Dust proof Cover.
The cover comes with a zip which allows you to easily open it and use the machine with ease. Zip also helps to keep your machine safe from dust and dirt.
The product is safe for use in terms of fitting, as it has been manufactured keeping in mind all safety aspects that plague large appliances.
Product Dimension (WxDxH) In Inches:(24x21x34):: In Cms:(60.96×53.34×86.34)
Package content : 1 Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine Cover


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