The super feature on the iPhone is now on the Android phone! Here are the details!


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Battery Health Beta



Buying an iPhone at least once is a lifelong dream of many people. The main reason for this is the features and quality it provides. Android phones are in direct competition with it in the market.

Android operating system managed by Google keeps releasing new versions to meet the needs of the users. In that way, the company is going to release a new version of the Android operating system in a few days.

The company made the announcement at Google’s annual I/O 2023 event last month. Accordingly, it has been revealed that many new features are coming in the Android 14 version. Some of those features are reportedly similar to the iOS operating system found on Apple’s iPhones.

Battery Health Beta

Android 14 update

Tipster Mishaal Raghuman, who closely observes gadget technologies, said that the main feature of this is that services such as battery capacity display systems in Apple devices will be available. He also said that Google is testing this.

He confirmed that the data was found under the name Battery Manager. His recently purchased Google Pixel 7 Pro smartphone had Android 14 installed.

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“The Battery Manager app was API compliant. So, its data may be sometimes correct and sometimes incorrect,” said Mishal. This app is released for public use. But, it can be downloaded from GitLab site only.

Normally it cannot be downloaded through Google Play Store. But, Mishal has said that it makes him very happy. The reason for this, he said, “Android smartphone users have had a concern for a long time. It is the battery problem in their phone. It is a good thing that Google has planned to remove that concern.”

iPhone that detects battery capacity

Not only Apple’s iPhone, but all its devices have a battery monitoring app installed. Apple has been providing this service to users for many years.

Because of this, when users buy older Apple products, they can see what the battery capacity is. Thus, customers trust Apple to be transparent about the quality of the product they are purchasing.

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