WhatsApp Introduces ‘Chat Lock’ Feature: How Users Lock Chats? | WhatsApp Introduces Chat Lock Feature How Users Lock Chats


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San Francisco: The ‘Lock Chat’ feature has been introduced on the WhatsApp Messenger platform to lock chats. Through this users can lock private chats. WhatsApp has now introduced this feature after the information about it was released last month.

WhatsApp Messenger is used by more than 200 million users worldwide. The site is used to send text messages, photos, videos, audio and calls. From schools to offices, groups are now exchanging information through one-to-one and one-to-many.

Meta Company WhatsApp regularly introduces new updates and features to provide unique user satisfaction to their users. In that way ‘lock chat’ feature has been introduced.

This allows users to lock private chats on their WhatsApp app. This feature seems to help ensure users’ privacy. Any media such as audio, video, images and files sent or received in locked chats cannot be viewed by anyone other than the user. Biometric or password is required to access these chats which are in a separate folder.

How to lock users chats?

  • Android and Apple iOS platform phone users can use this feature.
  • First users need to update the WhatsApp app on their phones.
  • Then open the WhatsApp app and open the contact or group you want to lock.
  • Click on the name or profile picture of that contact or group.
  • If you scroll through it, you will find an option called ‘Chat Lock’ at the bottom of the ‘Disappearing Message’ menu. With that users can lock those chats.
  • As of now, this feature seems to be gradually rolling out to users. Users can check this by updating to the latest version of the WhatsApp app.

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